AVLUX Hosting :: Rails, Wordpress, Redmine
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AVLUX Hosting :: Rails, Wordpress, Redmine  

AVLUX Hosting :: Rails, Wordpress, Redmine
Wordpress Hosting built-in security & automated updates
Redmine Hosting starting at $9.00 per month
Private Subversion Hosting starting at $6.00 per month
Rails or Rack Hosting with fully customizable configuration

“It feels like your customer service is on Rails as well!”

“We are delighted to have AVLUX hosting our site. With the plethora of internet hosting services... we are thankful to have such a professional and personal solution...”

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Choose your AVLUX Web Hosting Plan

2 gb disk
20 gb bandwidth
avlux H-Bronze
4 gb disk
40 gb bandwidth
avlux H-Silver
6 gb disk
60 gb bandwidth
avlux H-Gold
8 gb disk
80 gb bandwidth
avlux H-Platinum
10 gb disk
100 gb bandwidth

All for 63 cents a day, AVLUX custom hosting plans include your choice of any or all of: Wordpress or other PHP apps, Perl, Python, Ruby, Rails, Subversion with Redmine, Unlimited Email accounts, Sub-domains, Daily Local and Offsite Backups, and more. Software installs and configuration on request, Real-time monitoring, Performance tuning, and our famous Customer Support.

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